War on Sonia

UPA Chairperson and Congress President enjoys extra constitutional status and there will be many stories that tells her tremendous power she enjoys. Leaders of many political parties think twice before locking horns with her and even if they oppose her, she will tame them using the power she has at her disposal. Her party leaders, how ever strong and popular they are with people,.will be like cats in front of her, kneeling down and worshiping her feet. That was the reason why she was angry with YS.Jagan, a first time MP during that time, who dared to take her on using his powerful media and banking on his father’s immense popularity. Though she faced some difficulties, she succeeded in taming the young tiger by duly putting him behind the bars.

However it seems CM Kiran who was elevated to the top post with the blessings of Sonia Gandhi decided to wage war on her. He went hammer and tongs on Petroleum Minister Jaipal Reddy who enjoys the trust of Sonia Gandhi. This left many in shock and some even started making comments that after by elections loss,Kiran has lost his mental stability. This is because even all powerful YS.Rajasekhar Reddy during his regime, never took on Jaipal Reddy, even though he enjoys equal clout and blessings along with the support of Sonia Gandhi.
Political analysts feel that Kiran lost all hopes of continuing in CM post and with him getting signals of immediate change, decided to go down with all guns blazing and become a martyr than tamely make way like Rosaiah for other person. One has to wait and watch where all this will lead to.