Why Wasn’t Ravindra Babu Given A Chance?

Political analysts are surprised as to why Chandrababu Naidu did not designate TDP Amalapuram MP Pandula Ravindra Babu as one of the speakers during the no-confidence motion in Parliament.Ravindra Babu apparently has a good understanding of Parliamentary Affairs, the Constitution and also the problems plaguing Andhra Pradesh. There could be two possible reasons for this:

One, Ravindra Babu was shamed by the national media when he had commented in the past that people join the army only for free liquor and meat. Hence, the BJP could have easily countered any statements of his by bringing up this remark once again.Second is his caste. Since Ravindra Babu is a Dalit, Naidu would not have wanted him to overshadow Galla Jaydev or for that matter, Ram Mohan Naidu whose family is loyal to the TDP.

Instead, it was two Kammas Jayadev and Kesineni Nani and one Velama Ram Mohan Naidu, who spoke. Only Chandrababu Naidu knows the answer to this.