We Are On Par With Hindi Anchors

One girls who dresses well and in keeping with the times is anchor Rashmi of the telly show Jabardasth. Unlike the boring old-school anchors who dress only in churidars and sareees, Rashmi is a welcome break and is appealing to watch on screen.
Thankfully, various outfits suit her figure and she is pretty decent in the way she conducts the show. But there are some old-school scribes who wouldn’t leave her alone and she has this to say to them: She said, “If we dress traditionally, they call us aunties, if we wear tight jeans, they say we are headstrong; if we dress glamourously then they say we are not ashamed. 
What are we supposed to do? Look at the way the Hindi anchors dress. Our programmes are telecast worldwide, so we have to dress well. But looks like there is no win-win situation here.”