What happened to Top director’s film?

Director Sekhar Kammula is undoubtedly one of the best filmmakers of this generation. He has made movies that are against the trend and has become a trendsetter. He is continuing to make films in his comfort zone and his latest offering is ‘Life is Beautiful’. This film is a youthful entertainer made with newcomers.
Life is Beautiful has been under production for many months. Media speculated that the movie will release for Pongal, but that didn’t happen. Life is Beautiful hasn’t seen light yet. There is not even a single report about this film. Sekhar Kammula has kept everything under wraps and is taking his own sweet time to strike back.
Sekhar’s previous film was Leader, which was released two years ago. The lead pair that was introduced with Leader, Rana and Richa has done four films each in this time. But Sekhar is yet to come up with his new film. Sekhar is known for making films at leisure, but taking too much time for a film with newcomers might prove fatal at the end. Cost of production increases and also the product gets stale due to excessive delay. Serve it hot Sekhar!