What’s Wrong in Buying 10 Cr Land at 20 Lakh – Janasena

The controversy erupted over Pawan Kalyan’s purchase of land near Khaza village in Guntur district is not going to die anytime soon. While the market value in the area is estimated at Rs 5 Crore per acre (at the least), the cost of 2 acres would be Rs 10 Crore. However, Pawan’s registration documents shown the land value as just Rs 20 lakh under government valuation.

While media, a section of TDP leader are questioning this “corruption” of Pawan, Janasena team has come up with an explanation i.e seems like a big joke. Admitting that the 2 acres of land was bought for 20 Lakh, the Janasena team has questioned back stating that what is wrong in buying the land at government value.

May be, legally this may not withstand. But morally, ethically, this is wrong. It is well known fact that how the valuation of land varies from market price to the government price. These kinda land deals give rise to the black money and also evades taxes incurring loss to the registration department of government.

Rather than maintaining silence, Janasena’s clarification may do more damage now. This instance shows that even Pawan is not genuine, fair in dealing with land purchases.