What’s wrong in TTD ?

Millions and billions of devotees along with pilgrims who visit Tirumala and pray Lord Venkateswara view TTD as the most pious organisation taking care of the temple protecting its sanctity. However many times the members who are in TTD along with its Chiarman and Executive Officer have played with the peoples beliefs and sentiments hurting them to the core. Many devotees are disappointed with the way the board is functioning. Many feel the oranisation is ridden with various power centers though the organizers and the members deny it.
While the EO is from IAS cadre appointed by the State Govt, Chairman happen to be a politician or who has clout with the politicians and the ruling party at the Govt. Going by their background many feel that they are driven by their own personal and monetary gains rather than maintain the sanctity of the holy place and the shrine. Many a time sentiments of the devotees are hurt during the making of prasads or at the offering of hair or during the darshan where devotees are pushed mercilessly like animals.
As if to pour petrol on sentiments, TTD turns blind eye on religious conversions and preachings from other religions from its own employees without taking any action. At the most they will be transferred to Tirupathi from there the people can go ahead with their conversions. When devotees question how could donations and offerings made by them to the Lord Venkateswara could be diverted for other Govt projects, they search in vein for answers.