Whatte Unity!! Why These Stars Boycotted Filmfare

Recently top actress Nayanthara walked on the red carpet at Vijay Awards and dazzled in that sleeveless blouse and saree avatar to receive the Best Actress award. When everyone is expecting her to turn up in similar fashion at Filmfare Awards as well on last Sunday night at Hyderabad, she didn’t.

It’s now revealed that Tamil movie artists association, the Nadigar Sangam, has actually stopped these actors from attending Filmfare event. Not just Nayantara, but also the likes of Karthi, Simbu and Kushboo who have won the awards have boycotted the event and didn’t attend. Wonder why?

Actually, Nadigar Sangam laid a rule that any awards ceremony that happens should give some donation to artists association and producers council. They felt that its right to make such demand because these Awards Organisers spend a crore or two and earn more than 5 crores as profit from the whole setup. That’s the reason Vishal led Nadigar Sangam carved out a resolution asking actors and actress to ban awards functions if they don’t donate.

The likes of Colours TV, Vijay TV Awards and Galatta Dot Corn Award ceremonies that took place recently have donated big to Nadigar Sangam and hence these starts turned up there. And it looks like Filmfare didn’t, so they skipped it. We have to really appreciate their unity and wonder if Telugu Film Industry could come up with such resolutions?