When did Pawan come from America?

Missing of pawan kalyan at ‘Rachcha’ audio launch has got an answer from Ramcharan and Chiranjeevi on the same stage. Although few of their Fans are pacified with this reply but some were really doubtful on this. Now, many more forceful speculations on formation of a virtual divide in Mega family will get the ground because pawan kalyan attended the formal launch of his flick ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Ram Babu’ today.
When did Pawan come from America completing the special effects work for ‘Gabbar Singh’? Is it true that Pawan was that busy finding no time to attend ‘Rachcha’ function? A flood of questions are to hit the Mega Fans. Wish that everything will get settled once entire Mega family attends an event…of which best can be the near program of ‘Gabbar Singh’ audio launch.