When ‘Julaayi’ meets ‘Mister 7’

Stylish Star Allu Arjun turned ‘Julaayi’ today and with his scintillating and exihilerating performance he scored ‘Seven’ in his efforts to meet ‘Mister 7’. People may wonder and question how come he score ‘Seven’, when even in cricketing terminology he could score either a boundary getting 4 runs or smash the ball over the ropes scoring a sixer getting 6 runs. If we go into the details some time back Jr SVR made his debut turning ‘Mister 7’. The film has bank robbery scene in which villian appoints 4 guys who were unknown to each other and starts eliminating them as soon as he gets to the treasure. ‘Julaayi’ also has similar scene in which villain Sonu Sood appoints 8 guys and eliminates in similar fashion like in ‘Mister 7’. Movie lovers were shell shocked to find same scene from ‘Mister 7’ getting re enacted in ‘Julaayi’.
One wonder which director was the chief architect of bank robbery and the elimination plan from main villain. While Julaayi is directed by Trivikram Srinivas, Mister 7 is directed by Charan Reddy. Some feel that there were some coverts in one film unit who revealed the information to another film unit and the director smitten by the novelty of the scene included in the film. It may be difficult to find out the covert and any way with ‘Mister 7’ making a fast retreat, we have to wait and see whether ‘Julaayi’ can delight movie lovers by meeting ‘Mister 7’ while re enacting the bank robbery in elimination process.