When will JP show his ‘Satta’?

Jai Prakash Narayana or sweetly and more popularly known as ‘JP’ by his supporters enjoyed immense following from educated lot when he quit his plum and power centric IAS post to start his own NGO titled ‘Lok Satta’ and started enlightening people on various issues. When he translated his party many vowed their full support during elections. However that didnot turn to votes and except for himself none of his candidates even get deposits. Even when he single handedly entered Assembly riding on the support of the educated lot, he was accused of taking money from then CM YS.Rajasekhar Reddy.
His speeches in the assembly were informative and except during the Telangana moment when he faced the wrath of TRS MLA’s with some slapping him in front of the Assembly lobby and PM inviting him for discussions on the issue, he was never in the limelight. One wonder when will JP show his strength or he made a wrong move turning his organization into a political party. 
Many feel bringing awareness is one thing and fighting for the peoples cause is another and winning election as independent or contesting on some other party’s ticket is another thing. When one tries to launch a party and bring it to power all caste, creed, sex, religious politics and various equations come into picture and people don’t bother about honesty and corruption but give importance to what they get . How JP tackles this issue has to be watched on AP political screen.