When wrong question CBI powers?

 Politicians and ministers twist their tongues in what ever way they want according to their convenience. When YSCR CP after its leader Jagan Mohan Reddy’s arest , accused CBI acting at the behest of Congress and its high command all other political parties and especially cabinet ministers from Congress denied the charge vehemently and said CBI is an independent body and is acting at the behest of Supreme Court orders. Even TDP chief who till recently branded CBI as Congress Bureau of Investigation suddenly changed tack and said CBI is an independent organisation. Some say he went to Delhi and managed the political bosses there so that CBI dont act against him.
It was smooth sailing for Congress till its Minister Mopidevi Venkataramana was arrested by CBI. This came as a shock even as CM decided to provide legal aid to ministers who received notices from Supreme Court. When many in congress thought it was a one off incident, it received even bigger shock when another minister Dharmana Prasada Rao resigned when CBI included his name in the charge sheet. Till this time Congress and its cabinet ministers argued that there is no collective responsibility in Cabinet and they did everything at the behest of late CM YSR. They alleged that infact they were forced to do so. However yesterday Minister Raghuveera Reddy said CBI can not hold one minister responsible for cabinet decisions as all those decisions are made collectively. He even went on to question CBI’s powers of arresting a minister. This shows that till CBI don’t tough them it is independent authority or else it has to work under its directions.