Where are Jeevitha & Rajasekhar?

The most ideal couple of the tollywood jeevitha and Rajasekhar have joined the Congress party some days ago. Prior to have taken the decision to join the party, they desperately tried to join BJP, but was no encouraging response from the party. As such, they had to opt for the Congress Party.
Ever since the announcement of the couple’s joining to the party, many people have been awaiting their campaigning for the ensuing by-polls. Strangely, no such sign of their campaigning for the party has been noticed. Have they been ignored by the high command? Sources say, like other political parties, Congress too ignored them, as they might think the services of the couple were of not necessary for them. On the other hand, the well wishers of the couple are saying that they should concentrate more in tollywood so as to get some mileage in tollywood.