Wherever She Goes, He Follows!!

Seems like British theatre artist Michael Corsale is enjoying all the attention and love being showered on him in Chennai with Tamil Tambis treating their girl’s beau quite royally.

For the unknown, he is none other than the boyfriend of star heroine Shruti Haasan who is now giving many more appearances along with the hot lady. Last week when Shruti is seen dining with her mom Saarika and introducing Michael to him, it’s a surprising thing of sorts and sparked marriage rumours.

And then, we have seen Michael holding Shruti’s hands and walking together at both Mumbai airport and Chennai airport. Then the two have attended a family wedding in Chennai where the relatives of Haasan family embraced the British lad with warmth. Then the focus shifted to Tamil hero Aadhav’s wedding, where the two are welcomed like a couple by everyone. To simply say, wherever she goes, he’s following.

By and large, the relationship has become official with these appearances, but one wonders if they are already married or these are just pre-wedding tours before actually, they celebrate their Big Day. Let’s see.