Which award has a greater significance?

T.Subbarami Reddy, of these days has been in news through his kala seva in Vizag. The former MP has decided to giveaway the awards through his TSR Lalithakala Parishad, He aimed at the standards of the awards would be more than on par with national level awards such as, ‘Film Fare’, ‘Stardust’ etc. He tied up with a TV news channel to select the winners of the awards in different categories. However, a strange situation is likely to be encountered by the winners especially in the categories of best actor and best hero.

As of now, we have seen the conferment of best actor awards by many award committees. In contrast, TSR Kalapeetham has decided to present both best actor and best hero awards. But then, which award has a greater significance, best actor or best hero? Looking into the winners lists and the news of these awards, Balakrishna  and Nagarjuna have been given the prime importance as best actors rather Ram Charan and Allu Arjun as best heroes.

” Maybe, the ideology of the TV channel worked out for creating a sort of controversy by selecting both best actors and the best heroes,” opines an observer.