Which CM’s Wife Is Involved With Tara ?

Tara Chowdary is busy springing names of her choice to irk many politicians and police officers as a revenge for her arrest. In that process she revealed the involvement of a Chief Minister’s wife with her.
‘I’ve met this CM’s wife to solve my case as police and some MPs are harassing me. But she too joined hands with those politicians and abused me’, stated Tara. In an interview given to a news channel, the alleged sex-racket owner revealed this stuff. Political circles are busy finding who is that Chief Minister’s wife involved in this sex-queen’s sabotage. This is the first time the call-girl turned heroine aspirant is pulling the name of another woman into her cases.
Anyways, with day to day accusing, Tara Chowdary is losing credibility and people are not ready to believe in all the things she says. At least, if she could name one politician directly with evidence, her words will be taken seriously from now.