Who are Real Heroes?

Tollywood has many heroes who have prefixes in front of their names signifying their stardom. Whatever may be the star status all are busy doling out monotonous mass entertainers. Except for masses all movie lovers get a feeling that except for the change in the star cast, director and produce names every thing will be same in the storyline with few predictable changes here and there. Many point out that being the main reason why Tollywood films are not making it to the award rounds though the industry makes highest number of films every year.
Compared to that, even young heroes from kollywood are winning national awards. Some of the stars whom tollywood branded as not of star material went on to become promising stars in tamil. They include Vikram,Vishal, Srikanth(Sriram), Anjali etc. Many of us hate to see the faces of tamil heroes like Vijay and Dhanush as they don’t qualify to hero qualities like looks and charms. Dhanush scored stunning hat trick of hits on his debut and went on to become Rajanikanth’s son-in-law. Even then he remained down to earth, listened to directors and went on to win national award for ‘Adukalam’. Similar is the case with Vikram who went on to win national award for ‘Pitamagan’(Sivaputrudu). Buzz is this year there will be stiff competition for national award between Vikram and Vishal for their performances in ‘Deiva Thirumagal’(Naanna) and ‘Avan Ivan’(Vaadu Veedu).
Many feel that our heroes should forget about their star status and fan following and follow director diligently in order to have a shot at national awards.