Who is AP’s Corruption King ?

State of Andhra Pradesh is witnessing bitter political battle between various political parties with all the leaders indulging in accusations and counter accusations on each other. It all started with Chandra Babu Naidu of TDP who started accusing later YSR during his rule that he was the ‘Raja of Corruption’. He even published a detailed booklet highlighting YSR’s corruption saga. Later he trained his guns on his son YS.Jagan. Differences with Congress landed Jagan in jail and both Congress and TDP started accusing him as the Emperor of Corruption.

However YSR CP accused Chandra Babu of being the King of Corruption during his 9yr stint as CM. They also name some of his controversial GOs and even Congress say that they are just following his Govt orders. Congress is totally immersed in corruption with one of its minister languishing in jail while another in queue. As many as 6 cabinet ministers received notices from Supreme Court and opposition parties are putting Congress Govt in the dock. Some allege its chief Bota Satyanaraya is the Corruption Emperor having involved himself in liquor mafia and land scams.
Who ever emerges winner in this race, some say will pale in comparison to the money Raja, Kanimozhi, Maran made in 2G or those involved in coal scam made. Lalu, Jaya, Maya are far ahead of all these people in corruption. One has to wait and see what verdict poor people whose money has been looted will pass on these high profile politicians.