Who is the Best Follower of Pawan?

Nitin and Ram are the two young and energetic heroes of tollywood who possess a strange co-incidence in one aspect. Both are said to be the followers of Power Star Pawan Kalyan. However, their approach is said to be different in showing their favouritism on their favourite hero. Nitin always admit boldly that he is a big fan of Pawan Kalyan and had got inspiration from Pawan’s ‘Tholiprema’ movie. However, he never tried to imitate Pawan Kalyan completely in his acting.
On the contrary, Ram’s way of expressing dialogues, his mannerisms and body language appear to be exactly similar to that of Pawan’s. Despite his photo copied acting of Pawan’s, Ram never happened to say that he was the fan of Pawan Kalyan and never invited Pawan to his movie functions. Even though, many cine journalists used to ask the same question, he skipped to answer the question.
It is a known thing that both Nitin and Ram are said to be very good at dances rather their favourite hero Pawan Kalyan.