Who is fixing YSR cabinet?

Late CM YSR who ruled the stage of Andhra Pradesh with iron like grip used to have his own trusted men as his cabinet ministers so that he won’t be having opposition in any manner. That was the reason why experienced leaders like Shankar Rao, Botsa Satyanarayana, Hanumantha Rao, Late P.Janaradhana Reddy were not taken in the cabinet. Later after his death entire cabinet minsters signed supporting Jagan as CM. Later they went back after watching high command’s reluctance in accepting their request. The high command proceeded with the same cabinet though it changed CM. When ever congress lost in by elections some in the party used to raise their voices saying there are coverts in the cabinet. However they did not name anyone and even the new chief of State Youth Congress,mentioned about coverts. He went ahead and said if action is not taken, he would divulge their names.
When CBI arrested BC minister Mopidevi Venkatararamana, many were shocked as it is not of Congress nature to sacrifice its minster without any reason. Many felt that it was a bait for Jagan’s arrest so that he can’t claim that he was victimised. But now with CBI naming another minister Dharmana Prasada Rao in VANPIC case, shivers are running down the spines of the ministers who were close to YSR. Those who are watching the entire developments wonder who is targeting and fixing YSR cabinet one by one sending them straight to jail. Many feel that it is the handiwork of ever cunning congress high command and Sonia Gandhi, who don’t want to give a chance for cabinet ministers loyal to YSR or target them making them martyrs. Accordingly they are using CBI after making Shankar Rao file a petition in High Court and proceeded with Operation YSR cabinet. Now one wonder who will be next in line from YSR cabinet.