Who is the real ‘Magadheera’?

Magadheera is just not only the number one grosser in the Telugu cinema history but also is one of the most iconic films ever made in eighty years in Tollywood. That is the reason why every Telugu cinema fan has been proud of it. However, mega fans take most of the credit as they believe that without Charan there is no Magadheera.
There has been unending debate going over this as other heroes fans argue that Magadheera was a technicians film and Charan was just a part of it. They feel that any hero in place of Charan could have got the film a similar result. Although Rajamouli stated that a film’s success range depends on the hero of the film, the arguments are still on. There is no doubt that both Charan and Rajamouli have a great fan following, but the question is who is bigger among the two?
Who should get the biggest slice of Magadheera’s cake? May be the ‘awaiting’ clash would throw some light on this. Ram Charan and Rajamouli are going to compete at the box office in few weeks. Charan’s Racha and Rajamouli’s Eega will release on the same day or within a gap of one week. Both the films don’t have any other star except for them. Their image should shoulder the films at the box office. This would be a test for their individual box office potential given both the films gets good feedback from critics and audience as well.