Who is the sexy lass on Jism 2 posters?

The First Look of Jism 2 had created whirls. There were several guessing regarding the mysterious woman in the posters. Then the makers had announced that famous porn star Sunny Leone is acting in their movie. However, it is not Sunny Leone who you see in the Jism 2 poster. It is actually of Nathalia Kaur, who shook legs for an item song in Ram Gopal Varma’s Department.
One look at the film, and you’ll get to know that the silhouette of the woman is not of Leone. Says Pooja Bhatt said to a National daily, “A year ago, when it was being speculated that the film will feature either Bipasha Basu or Mallika Sherawat, I decided to whet people’s appetite with a sexy poster. I called my friend, photographer Joy Datta, who deals with dusky Brazilian models, for options. I chose Nathalia from amongst the ones he showed me.”
The poster was shot at Pooja’s farmhouse during the monsoon, much before Leone was even signed up.