Who will win between Akhil and Mokshagna

There used to be a saying that everything should happen between equals whether it is in friendship or enmity. Many feel that ‘battle should be between equals’ and wars should be waged between people of equal strengths. In such situation Tollywood is waiting for an interesting battle between equals and that too from power houses from the industry. Silver screen stage is set for mega star wars between young aspiring youngsters hailing from all powerful Akkineni and Nandamuri families. Both King Nagarjuna and Natasimha Balakrishna already announced in various press meetings and functions that their sons Akkineni Akhil and Nandamuri Mokshagna will be making their silver screen debut soon.Already movie lovers and fans of both the heroes have started betting on who will emerge winners. Tollywood and movie lovers witnessed many fascinating battles between both the families right from the times of NTR and ANR. Both thrilled movie lovers with their superlative performances and then even clashed with their films. Their legacy is carried forward by Nagarjuna and Balakrishna. They are helped by heroes from their families like Sumanth, Susanth, Naga Chaitanya on one side and NTR, Harikrishna, Tarak and Rohit on other side.
Now Akhil and Mokshagna are honing their acting skills before making their grand appearance on silver screen. While Akhil captured the attention of all with his performance as player in CCL and as ‘Sisindri’, Mokshagna is relatively new, except for appearing in some audio launch functions. Only time will tell who will emerge winners.