Whom should Charan follow ? – Chiru or Pawan ?

For any actor to have a long life and everlasting recognition, he or she needs to develop a style of own. For the young breed of actors coming from celebrity families, achieving stardom hasn’t become a big bother. They are rendering super duper/industry hits just with in the early stages. But, how long will they sustain this speed and what is the mantra to always be a heart throb for Fans.
On a case study, we can take the name of Junior NTR who for most of the time tried to follow the paths of either Babai Balakrishna or Grand Pa NTR, both in selection of films and emulation of their mannerisms. Some how, this formula was just a partial success. On the other side, if we take Pawan Kalyan…he never put up a show of imitating Mega Star chiranjeevi. In fact, Pawan has dug his own passage to reach stardom. That is in fact the major reason why he is still in demand even with very bad track record from last few years.
Coming to the core point, Ramcharan for most of time copying the actions of his dad chiranjeevi in ‘Rachcha’ isn’t liked by many. For one or two mannerisms, it can be reasoned on hereditary traits but trying to become a ditto copy of Chiru isn’t appreciable. So, a kind suggestion from Fans for Charan is better to follow the course of his Babai and strive for originality which will develop individuality.