Who’s The Girl Next To Jagan?

A girl standing next to YS Jagan through out his Padayatra is hogging the limelight. The girl in question is none other than who works for Prashant Kishor.

The job of the girl is to assess the pulse of the crowd at Jagan’s yatra and send feedback to Prashant. She notes down the points of Jagan’s speech at which crowd are cheering. At the same time, she would also note where the crowd don’t respond much and tell honest feedback to Prashant.

Based on her observations, PK prepares and sends a honest report to Jagan which Jagan would use to improve himself and the points in his yatra. In fact, she was also there with Jagan during his recent media interactions.

However, there is a mixed response from YSRCP leaders, partymen over PK’s team accompanying their president Jagan all the time. While a few leaders have openly expressed their dissent to Jagan on this and alerted him that TDP would criticise him for this act, all those said to have fallen on the deaf ears of Jagan.

Whereas a few other leaders who don’t have guts are murmuring at yatra that what the girl would observe when she is an alien to Telugu. That is a point to be noted for sure. After suffering from back pain and attending CBI Court, PK team accompanying Jagan is considered as another drawback by the own party people. As usual, Jagan is not bothered about party people’s opinion at all.