Whose schemes are they anway?

Andhra Pradesh political scenario is witnessing fight regarding patents and rights on the schemes implemented by the then Congress Govt led by YS.Rajasekhar Reddy. Schemes like free power to farmers, fees reimbursement, Jala Yagnam etc became popular as YSR schemes and even people who benefited from the schemes revered YSR for that. However with the sudden demise of the YSR, Congress started claiming that the schemes are the handiwork of Sonia Gandhi and Congress High command. YSR’s son Jagan who came out of the party and launched his own party YSR CP is keen on driving home the point that all the schemes were the brainchild of his father and so he has patent over them. He even successfully made people to believe that Congress is hellbent on doing away with those schemes.

In the midst of all this APCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana recently revealed that it was he and his wife who suggested these schemes to the then CM YSR who was unwilling to implement them. He said only after he pressurised him, he reluctantly implemented those schemes. When so many people are laying claims on YSR policies and schemes, one can not expect TDP chief Chandra Babu to keep quiet. He entered the fray and claimed that transfer of money to poor, opening of bank accounts in their names, free power, fees reimbursements and many more are his plans. People are breaking their heads as to who are the true fathers’ of these claims, so that they can catch their collar and question them about the deficiencies in the policies and why they are not getting implemented properly.