Why ‘Athadu’ remains small screen wonder

Sometimes one can not fathom why some films turn out to be super hits and others super flops. Ace director Rajamouli himself confessed that ‘Vikramarkudu’ success stunned him as many film critics dismissed the film as a trash and also rated it mediocre giving only around 2 out of 5. Similar is the case with Trivikram Srinivas’ directed ‘Athadu’. The film starring Mahesh Babu, Trisha captured the imagination of all when it was released 2005. However the film did not do well at the box office.

However whenever the film was screened on silver screen viewers remain glued to the TVs enjoying the film thoroughly. The film remains an enigma with all film makers making them wonder why the film remained a mere small screen wonder though it has all the qualities to become a silver screen special. Many feel the film lacked the magic of mass heroism, fast paced action which is required to become a hit with masses on silver screen. But class viewers who shy away from thronging the theaters even though the film gets a hit talk, relish each and every scene of the film on small screen.
They relish the charming looks of Price Mahesh, youthful exuberance of Trisha, comedy of Dharmavarapu Subramaniam and Brahmanandam and Prakash Raj’s inquisitive investigation. The breaks on small screen enable viewers to finish off their daily chores and as such they don’t feel the slow narration in the film as a major drawback.