Why comedians not sustaining as stars

Each and every person feels he/she is beautiful irrespective of original appearance. That self confidence is essential to come up in life. However movie lovers have drawn some qualifications in their mind to become a tollywood hero. In the olden days heroes used to be extremely nice never to hurt others by words or deeds. They used to undergo sufferings for their values. In 60s however negative shades started creeping up in Heroes. Genex heroes have no rules and regulations with even censor board giving green signal. Currently to become a hero one should have powerful background in the film industry irrespective of his appearance. While many are ruling tollywood based on legacy and heriditary reservations a few younger lot are trying their luck with small films. Many top heroes achieved stardom after starting their career as villians. Megastar Chiranjeevi, Rebel Star Krishnam Raju, Super Sar Rajanikanth, Collection King Mohan Babu and more recently Nizam King Gopichand. But irony is comedians who tasted success as heroes couldn’t sustain their progress as heroes.
One can not see comedy stars Chandramohan, Rajendra Prasad as mere comedians. They excelled in all roles showing their versatility. Even present day comedians proved themselves as heroes but they couldn’t sustain as heroes. Guiness record holder Brahmanandam starred in films like ‘Babai Hotel’, ‘Joker Mama Super Alludu’, ‘Pellama Majaka’ etc but did not continue as hero. Though he starred in many hit films which ran solely on his presence like i’Money’, ‘Chitram Bhalare Vichitram’ and more recently in ‘Dookudu’, it is a mystery why he couln’t succeed as hero.
Babumohan did one film as ‘Sundaravadana-Subbalakshmi Moguda’ but did not continue as hero. Comedian Ali who tasted success as hero in ‘Yamaleela’,’Pittala Dora’, ‘Circus Sattipandu’,’Akkum Bakkum’, ‘Alibaba-Adbhuta Deepam’, ‘Ashadam Pellikoduku’ and ‘Hunagma’. But he settled for comedy roles. Venu Madhav who became hero with ‘Hungama’ tasted flops with ‘Bhukailas’ and ‘Premabhshekam’ and turned back to comedy roles. Same is the case with AVS with his films ‘Super Heroes’ and ‘Uncle’.
Currently only Sunil who became hero with ‘Andalaramudu’ seems to be sustaining as hero with ‘Maryadaramana’ and then ‘Poolarangadu’ though his progress has been stalled sometime back by ‘KSD Appalaraju’ and ‘Dongala Mutha’. Unless until comedy heores try to entertain people with their heroism with out exceeding their limits they will be as heroes. Orelse they become zeroes and be as comedians for ever on silverscreen.