Why Cong in Favour of Royal T ?

The Rayalaseema leaders, who revived the proposal for Rayala Telangana state as a solution to the vexed separate statehood demand, are learnt to have explained Sonia Gandhi that there would be immense benefits for the Congress if the proposal gets materialized.
According to their blue print, the Congress would retain its hold on the region subject to the merger of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi with it. There would be 147 MLAs and 21 Lok Sabha seats in the Rayala Telangana region. If it is formed into a separate state, the Congress would be able to get not less than 90-100 seats in the region, even if the TRS is not merged with it. If the merger takes place, the combine would get two-thirds majority.
Similarly, the Congress-TRS combine would get anywhere between 15-17 Lok Sabha seats in the region. Even if the Congress can get five Lok Sabha seats in the rest of the Seemandhra region (assuming that the YSR Congress party gets 15 Lok Sabha seats in the Seemandhra region), it would have a comfortable position in the Lok Sabha. That way, it would be a double benefit to the Congress.
On the other hand, the Rayala Telangana would also help bring down the influence of YSR Congress party and the Telugu Desam Party to only Seemandhra region (Coastal Andhra plus Kadapa and Chittoor), as they would have little presence in the Telangana region. One does not know whether the concept has appealed to party president Sonia Gandhi.