Why Ganesh Festival Is NOT Waste Of Money?


The big saga of Ganesh festival has come to an end finally and reactions are pouring in. Many are lamenting that the entire thing is a wastage of money, current, transport, petrol and have also raised concerns about environmental pollution through garbage. But there is an other side to it.

The common sense is, nobody will throw money into the water just like that. Some say the artists preparing the idols are surviving only with this idol preparation. Though they do Durga idols the Ganesh idols are major revenue and they earn their livelihood along with their families for one year just by this single season.

Secondly, band groups, mike sets, trucks, dancers, all are making a decent sum of money through this and earning their living. Point is, money keeps getting transferred from one pocket to another but that cannot be called wastage. So, one needs to hail the Ganesh festival for both devotional and business reasons! The Nimajjanams got over after 11 days of festive season in Hyderabad and other major cities.