Why is Allu Aravind sitting idle?

Allu Aravind has never looked back after he mastered the art of marketing a movie. It all started with Ghajini and reached pinnacles with Magadheera. Despite the disastrous talk, Badrinath managed to collect over 25 crore from theatricals. It was a safe venture for the producer when the audio, satellite and DVD rights are combined.
For some reason, Allu Aravind suddenly stopped making films on Geetha Arts. Badrinath was released in last year May and there is not even single movie on Geetha Arts since then. There is nothing under pre production stage or in discussions. Why did the mega producer choose to sit idle?
Buzz says that Allu Aravind only makes movies with mega heroes on Geetha Arts and his differences with Pawan Kalyan aren’t helping the cause. Even Ram Charan prefers to work with other producers at least for now. Making a movie with Allu Arjun after Badrinath might not get the necessary hype. So Aravind is passing off time by joining hands with other producers for the moment.