Why is everyone targeting Charan ?

Ram Charan’s tweet right after Jagan’s arrest has created a stir in media. “Finally the Govt. has proved its capability!!” is the tweet from that has hurt the sentiments of Jagan fans and supporters. Although the actor didn’t mention any name or incident, it is easy to read between the lines considering the timeline of his tweet.
Whatever the opinion be, either positive or negative, Charan has every right to express his feelings. No one has a right to question ones fundamental rights in this country. Why is everyone targeting the actor for voicing his opinion? If someone doesn’t want to comment on the same issue, it is their personal choice. How can you ask Charan to learn how behave from them?
There are as many people that are supporting Charan’s tweet as who are opposing it. That doesn’t mean the actor is wrong. It is foolish to ask someone to stop reacting on political matters simply because he is an actor. Every person who has the right to vote can react or respond when something wrong is being done to the society. People who want to preach morals to others should better learn them first.