Why Is He Silent On Sridevi’s Birthday?

Sreedevi RGV

August 13, many senior citizens and youths are busy celebrating the birthday of a timeless diva, Sridevi. Even though she crossed her prime and not a starlet anymore, fans roll out red carpet for this sultry Tamil siren. On this occasion, we tried to find out where her hardcore lover and ardent fan is.

Cursing Boney Kapoor for snatching seductress Sridevi away from her, director Ram Gopal Varma has many times reciprocated his love for the ex-heroine. Also he used to use loads of cuss words to blast Boney, a couple of years back. Ramu explained how he worshiped Sridevi before becoming a director, and how he used to maintain proximity with her during shootings. Sri acted as leading lady of Ramu’s Kshana Kshanam and Govinda Govinda.

If one has to praise Sridevi, by the time we write a paragraph Ramu will write volumes of books on her eternal beauty. But the blazing gun has turned mute today, as there is no single tweet or any statement about her. Though he is active on twitter, there is no mentioning of the dream girl of his fantasies. What Ramu, is everything okay?