Why mass entertainers score?

Many times urban movie lovers wonder why only mass entertainers score while class films even though they are good disappear with in a week. A close look at the mass and class films reveals the secret of mass entertainers’ success. Mass films have strong foundation at B and C centers and when they like the film, they give free publicity to the film which influences others who have not watched the film. This doesn’t stop there,. When mass viewers like a particular film. they watch it repeatedly when ever they are free. There is lot of difference between mass and class viewers. Masses are quite expressive and when they like a particular scene or song, dialogue or dance in the film they appreciate with claps , whistles and loud cheers which is not the case with class viewers. They think twice, look at others and then try to appreciate by which time, next two scenes might have been completed.
Class movie lovers crave for innovative creative and feel good films but when those kind of films come on screen, they don’t have time to watch and appreciate them. The case of ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’ and ‘Onamalu’ is the classic example as to the behavior pattern of the viewers. Most saddening part is though Sri Rama Rajyam film makers offered various incentives, theaters had hardly ten people. Then again they give lectures on the insults meted out at National awards for the film and the changing tastes of movie lovers which resulted in failure of class and feel good films. That is the reason why heroes what ever may be their physique crave for mass image and film makers churn out more and more mass entertainers.