Why No Sound About ‘Vennela 1.5’?

A couple of months back, director turned comedian Vennela Kishore created much hype with those raunchy songs and wild posters of his debut directorial venture. All of a sudden, there is no sound about this movie!
The norm in film industry generally is to release a movie within 30 days from the date of audio release. However, Vennela 1.5’s audio was release a couple of months back but still there is no news of it. Insiders revealed that the post-production work is still going on to make the film available by summer. While some say they start promotion once the first copy is in hand, few others mention that the makers need seriousness in wrapping up the project.
Much buzz was generated for this movie for its raunchy songs and erotic posters a month back, but everything is getting cooled down now. Only the film’s release will decide if our comedian Vennela Kishore tickles audience or viewers will make fun of his product!