Why only Pawan Kalyan? Why not others?

This is the first reaction of the fans and admirers of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan regarding the fresh controversy on the way he was shown in a police uniform in his upcoming cop flick ‘Gabbar Singh’.
The other day, AP police officers association has raised objection to Pawan’s attire as cop and his role as a corrupt public servant, referring it as an insult to the police uniform. Now the police department have been at the receiving end of sharp criticism. In the past, there are quite a number of films where the cops are shown as anti-social elements in different attires, including some disgusting scenes like a police officer raping the wife of other police officer. Why did they shut their eyes and mouth then? Is there any secret agenda behind attacking Gabbar Singh? Does being a top hero made Pawan a soft target?
Like in every profession, there is good and bad in police department too. Why can’t the cops, who are making a hue and cry about Gabbar Singh, see it in that angle. Even if they tried to spend a minute of their time to know about the moral values Pawan follow, this situation mayn’t have arised. Can the police heads stop their subordinates from thronging into Gabbar Singh theaters? They will fail undoubtedly, if they intend to do so!
Ironically, the police officers association president who launched this attack on Gabbar Singh is now trying desperately to see the film even before the release. Don’t be surprised, if he is one of the fans of Pawan. That’s the magic of Powerstar!!