Why ‘People Star’ Is Silent Now?

Amidst the flood of commercial masala potboilers, it takes a lot of guts to come up with films that are message oriented or deal with real life problems in the society. This is the reason why R Narayanamurthy earned the named of ‘People Star’. All his films have always revolved around issues faced by the poor and the downtrodden. 
But some of his fans are now wondering why he has become silent and not making any films. They feel this is the more appropriate time because there are many issues facing the people of Telangana. Narayanamurthy was doing that before so why is he not doing it now. This point is creating a little disappointment among his fans.
While some say he has lost that energy or interest, few others say he doesn’t feel the need to do it. But fact of the matter is, there are enough issues plaguing the Telangana people especially the farmers. R Narayanamurthy also earned appreciation for his songs so he could come up with a nice movie filled with adrenaline pumping songs and bring out the difficulties being experienced by the common man. Let us wish the People Star breaks his silence soon.