Why So Much Hulchul For Nag’s ‘Bhai’?

From the moment this film news has hit gossip mills, there is a buzz about it for many unknown reasons. None other than the director is shocked with all that flak.
Long back, director Veerabhadram (Poola Rangadu fame) had got a story-line finalized by King Nagarjuna for his next movie and tentatively named it as ‘Bhai’. However, it took long time to get this project onto wheels. Lots of rumors are heard saying that there is a producer problem for this movie. Initially, RR Movies is said to be handling production, later it is changed to ML Kumar Chowdary and now Gemini Kiran’s name is heard in the pipeline.
A source close to director revealed that the delay is directly attached to the development of script. He says that Nagarjuna opted for a fully bound complete script to think about other casting including producer and heroine. For now, Veerabhadram has completed work from his side and is waiting for Nag’s green signal to proceed next.