Why Tabu And Anushka Far From Nag?

Nagarjuna and his reputation among the ladies need no introduction. Given his suave elegance and his perfect charms, there are many who simply faint when Nag is around. And the other strong talk that involves Nag is his ‘friendship’ with two ladies Tabu and Anushka. Both ladies have been quite integral to his life.

However, it is heard that the duo is now staying far from Nag. Sources reveal that Nag who is currently busy with the shooting of ‘Shirdi Sai Baba’ has reportedly requested Tabu and Anushka to keep distance since he didn’t want to give a chance for the creation of gossips and rumours.

Apparently, Nag reportedly feels that some unwanted gossip at this moment brings a bad mark to the devotional flick he is doing which is not advisable sentimentally. Buzz is that both Tabu and Anushka have adhered to Nag’s thoughts and have been keeping away from him.