Why Telangana believes KCR ?

One may like it or not but according to political analysts and people of telangana, TRS chief KCR is the chief architect of telangana movement. Many believe that he was the one who revived the dead separate state of Telangana movement. Many wonder why people of Telangana believe him and take his word as commandments and go to any extent to even give their lives. TRS Chief has been always in news and became popular for his vitrolic statements against people of other regions and forcing by elections making representatives of his party’s along with other parties to resign and increase his party’s tally in house of representatives. 
Many times he predicted a statement with in 3-9 months time only to be proven wrong. Still people rally behind him surprising his rivals and political analysts. But a close look at the parties present in telangana highlights the dilemma of people of telangana. All other parties present in the region have presence in other regions of the state of Andhra Pradesh and so they have to take care of the interests of those people also. This is not the case with TRS which is only for telangana and present in that region only. 
So KCR and his party can go hammer and tongs with his provocative statements caring nothing for other regions. This is the strength of KCR and TRS and people side with them as KCR don’t have any other place to go and if he cheats them, people believe that they can take care of him as happened during his fast unto death.