Why Tirumala different from Vatican ?

Many across the word equate holy shrine of Lord Venkateswara at Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh, India to that of renowned Vatican Church in Italy. In terms of revenue and devotees thronging the shrines, Tirumala outscores Vatican in all aspects. However Tirumala is completely different from Vatican. While the Pope, revered across the globe by Christians has complete say in the State and religious matters along with the operations of Vatican Church, Tirumala is completely different. Right from top to bottom, TTD which oversees the temple functioning and other activities taken by the shrine functions according to the whims and fancies of the Govt with Hindu revered saints and groups not having any say what soever in the operations.
While Vatican prohibits non Christians and non believers entering its premises and tamper its activities, devotees and hindus will always be taken for a ride by the governing authorities and Govt ruling the state, with eye on vote banks. Non believers will have a field day everyday and even if anyone questions them, no action will be taken on them. Hurting the sentiments and beliefs of millions of devotees, the rulers try to dilute the temple authority over seven hills disturbing the sanctity of the place.Apart from the all the revenue generated by the devotees and staunch believers of Lord Venkateswara will be mercilessly used for Govt activities and others purposes which is not the case in Vatican. This calls for awakening in devotees who should voice their strongest possible views and opposition and get united driving home the point in a united fashion to protect Seven Hills and Sanctity of Tirumala.