Why Undavalli Is Wrong!

“The question of how many wives Pawan Kalyan should have is best left to Pawan Kalyan himself and the IPC also supports this. Jagan was wrong to have spoken about Pawan’s wives,” said Undavalli and added that the personal and public lives of a person are separate.

How can this be possible? If Gandhiji had been a morally dissolute person in personal life would the nation have trusted him in the fight for independence because his goal was noble?Similarly, how can Pawan Kalyan without stability or integrity in his personal life take the responsibility for the lives of crores of Andhras? Personal life and public life are different?Not in the case of politicians because one single decision of theirs can affect us in each and everything we do.

Something like Aadhar can destroy up our privacy forever, yet these people want to govern our lives and yet want us to keep silent on their lifestyles which they say are ‘private’.“Incidentally, Pawan Kalyan doesn’t seem to have matured as a person either. If they target me personally, I’ll skin them,” he thundered to applause from his teenage fans, in what was apparently, an indirect reference to YS Jagan.

Pawan Kalyan doesn’t seem to be keen on learning from history either. In the past, similar type of aggression from him allegedly resulted in the Paritala Ravi incident and Chiranjeevi had to beg the high and mighty to get his younger brother released from the clutches of Paritala Ravi.Incidentally, Paritala Ravi himself was scared of YS family and complained to the media on numerous occasions. And Pawan is issuing a warning to YS Jagan? What a kid!