Is Wife And Script Same For Nikhil?

When it comes to the young single heroes and fading out heroines the media and fans will obviously be curious about their marriage. This often leads to gossip and hero Nikhil whose career has been going on the success track is facing similar questions and gossips now. It’s known that he’s supposed to marry a girl of their family friends but the marriage was called off.

When quizzed about it, Nikhil gave an interesting answer today. “As gossips are coming on me, I started feeling that I’m a star as people are showing interest to know more about me. Coming to marriage, like the way I pick my scripts cautiously, I want to find the right girl in a careful manner as she’s going to join the rest of my life” he said. So, what’s that right girl quality Nikhil needs here?

Though his feeling is fine, the comparison he made has grabbed the attention. Netizens are asking how he can talk like both script and wife are same. Some say that this is the worst comparison ever made by Nikhil.

When it comes to the movie script, they can change the script to their needs even after a full movie is shot or reject it in the worst case. But with wife, one has to go through the ups and downs and stick together no matter what the situation is. You can’t change situations like you change your scenes and heroines. Maybe Nikhil got the right rhyming with his lines, but the comparison is incompetent.

On the work front his upcoming movie Kirik Party, a remake of Kannada movie of the same title, is slated to release soon. Simran Pareenja and Samyukhta Hegde are his heroines in the movie.