Will 2.0 Become Another Baahubali?

Though the film has been delayed for quite some time, the number of YouTube hits for Shankar’s Robot 2.0 teaser, has proved that it has a huge lineup of fans waiting to watch it.The film is being made with a whopping Rs 550 crore and has been in the making for three years now.The film stars superstars Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar and is a sci-fi thriller made with heavy-duty graphics.

However, those who watched the teaser on computers and mobiles are not particularly pleased with it. Though those who watched it on the big screen in 3D have been left feeling ‘awe’.Now the big question is, how many big screens does India have to create the magic? On the other hand, Baahubali has managed to entice the audiences in 2D format.Baahubali did not have such a mixed response. But looks like 3D will make or break Robot 2.0. The variation in technology might prove to be a hindrance for the film.

While the teaser has shown audiences’ interest, the tech bit has shown where the film can lose out. Surely the mixed response is a wake-up call for director Shankar.

Or will the film bring back audiences to the theatres to experience big screen magic!