Will the Centre take AP seriously anymore?

The video of the TDP MPs themselves making fun of CM Ramesh’s deeksha has proved that the TDP itself does not take the deeksha seriously.The video is out there on the web and has done incalculable damage to the prestige of the Telugus and the Andhra cause for special category status.

Had it been one lone MP, it might have been dismissed as an aberration but here, we have the whole flock of TDP MPs making merry and dismissing the fast of CM Ramesh as a mere gimmick.How then can the Andhras expect the Centre to take the deeksha favorably and take a decision in favour of the steel plant at Kadapa?

Whatever protests are undertaken by the TDP henceforth will be dismissed as drama by the Centre and rest of the nation.Even Lord Venkanna Chowdary cannot save the reputation of Murali Mohan and his colleagues.As or CM Ramesh’s deeksha, it is best if Naidu sends in the police and shift him to a hospital citing that his health condition is now dangerous.

That would be the best option in the current scenario as the damage has already been done.