Will he, won’t he? Rajinikanth puts Tamil Nadu Politics in Tizzy

Well, till now he has denied all rumours vehemently and has always maintained that while he supports some politicians, he is not particularly keen on joining politics. But Tamil superstar Rajinikanth is singing a new tune ever since the courts banned Jayalalitha from contesting for the next 10 years. Ever since the ruling has been made public, all eyes are on Rajinikanth who seems to be the hot favourite for the seat.
In fact, BJP too has been trying to woo him to contest on their ticket so that they can get a strong foothold in the southern state. Though Rajini claims he is not scared of politics, it is his fear that has kept him off politics for so long. But he now says that he will do the needful when the time comes. 
Of course, since he will not have to contest a strong opponent like Jayalalitha or go against her openly following the ban, he will have a clear-cut edge over other candidates in Tamil Nadu. Whether or not Rajinikanth decides to contest, it is quite obvious that he will surely be playing a pivotal role in Tamil Nadu politics in the coming days.