Will nag’s spiritual musings work wonders?

Akkineni Nagarjuna is always viewed as Yuva Samrat, romantic hero, King and all in all charming Manmadhudu of tollywood. He starred in many love stories, romanced hot beauties and in some got himself sandwiched between two or more stunning babes. Even now many new comers desire to romance and seduce King of romantic hearts Nagarjuna.
However he sometimes experimented and emerged victorious unlike many other top heroes. His devotional flicks Annamayya, Sriramadasu proves that point and now he is turning as ‘Shirdi Sai’. Shooting is completed and is set for grand release in september. In the mean time he is busy with his romantic ‘Love Story’ with Nayanatara.
However to the surprise of many he is unveling his spiritual side. He is saying that on hearing Shirdi Sai songs he is getting immense happiness and enjoyment. He even said that one night he found an idol of Shirdi Sai on his dining table and even on questioning none could reply properly. This is unlike Nag who earlier used to listening to songs from commercial films and who never responded or gave vent to his feelings though he listened to songs and poems in Annamayya and Ramadasu.
Some devotees feel that age bought him wisdom and spiritual realisation, others feel that this kind of marketing gimmicks create undue hype on Nag-Raghavendra rao’s upcoming devotional flick ‘Shirdi Sai’ which may backfire on film makers. One has to wait and watch for the spiritual effects of Nag’s spiritual musings.