Will Nani Kill His Creative Ego???


Not just an upcoming hero like Nani, but even a one film year old lead-actor is having this bug of ‘creativity’ these days. As a film’s failure directly affects their image, these heroes want to poke nose in director’s creative brilliance in the name of extracting good output.

Recently Nani commented that he always focused on ‘good’ cinema and indicated that as a reason for his continuous flops at box office. However he stressed that he will now show his real power indirectly hinting that only ‘commercial’ cinema is his favorite now. But the thing is, Nani is known for his fingering into scripts and giving ‘too’ many inputs to directors.

But in commercial cinema, he should forgo logics and keep his brain in fridge and just resort to ‘formulaic’ content. Is Nani going to do that by killing his creative ego? Or will he showcase a difference with his ‘creativity’ in commercial flicks? Let us see.