‘I Will Not Show My Body Unnecessarily’

There was a time when heroines spoke about not wearing skimpy clothes, unless of course, if it was for the necessary scene. Times have changed, audiences preferences have changed.Like the heroines, now, heroes too are under immense pressure to show off their sculpted bodies.Well, the well-traveled and well-educated girls or women of today expect their male stars to show off their flat abs from time to time.

In three days NTR-Trivikram’s film Aravindha Sametha will hit the screens. As has been reported for a while now, the film has factionism as its backdrop.So, many are wondering as why NTR needed six packs for such a film. More so, there is curiosity about how Trivikram would have used NTR’s six-pack abs.

Now that the film is all set to release, both NTR and Trivikram decided to answer such questions.

“First we thought of the film. At the time, there was no six-packs in the picture. However, the film needed NTR to be fit. So he worked out real hard for 3-4 months. By then, we had a scene that could show off all the hard work put in by NTR. That’s how the shirt was taken off,” says a visibly content Trivikram.

So from his part, Trivikram has made it clear that six pack was not part of the original plan, but an after-thought to highlight NTR’s hard work. Even NTR who plays the lead, clarifies that it is not his intention to show off his body.”Our intention was not to make six pack an item. I definitely did not want to show off my body. But Ram Laxman came up with a scene, which necessitated such a show. It was surely not pre-planned,” says NTR.

He further adds that the six-pack comes in a highly emotional scene, so it will look very natural on screen insists NTR. Trivikram has taken particular care to showcase his six-packs in the most artistic way, adds NTR.

The film will hit the screens on Thursday, October 11.