Will NTR Give Green Signal to Balayya’s Film?

The alleged strained relation between Balakrishna and Hari Krishna’s families is an open secret. Its been a while since Balayya attended a film event of either NTR Jr or Kalyanram. This alleged resentment has said to be brought the two sons of Hari Krishna closer.

In spite of all this, Kalyanram still admires Balayya. He never forgets to show his respect for his Babai at public events. Its been his long-standing dream to produce a Balayya-starrer on his NTR Arts banner. At present, he has a multistarrer subject with him and plans to approach Balayya. There are two big challenges before Kalyanram to materialize this multistarrer.

Will Balayya, who has been maintaining distance from Hari Krishna family, heed to Kalyanram’s request and do a film in his banner?

Will NTR Jr agree to Balayya acting in NTR Arts banner? In the past few years, NTR and Kalyanram have grown very close. NTR even considers NTR Arts as his own banner. Meanwhile, rumor is that NTR Jr is miffed with Balayya and Co. for the injustice done to his father in the party.

Kalyanram can not risk losing association with NTR while trying to make peace with Balayya. So, NTR’s approval is also needed for him to rope in Balayya for the multistarrer.
Meanwhile, Nandamuri fans hope for the materialization of this multistarrer and the reunion of the two families.