Will other flop directors confess?


Undoubtedly, director Krishna Vamsi stole a few hearts and won some sympathy of his fans and viewers with his ‘confession’ that his ego and uncompromising attitude pushed him into lean and load period and was is distress mood, but Charan gave him a golden opportunity. Taking a cue from Khadgam director, will other Tollywood directors who are going through flops like RGV, Teja, Gunasekar, YVS Choudury, Meher Ramesh, Neelakanta, Srinivasa Reddy, Parasuram, and endless list of directors would ‘openly’ admit that it was their ‘ego’ and ‘adamant attitude’ that led to flops and putting their careers in bad shape.

“Krishna Vamsi admission in public was a revelation and bound to garner sympathies, since he sounded like a normal human being who makes mistakes and then rectify it and also displayed a fighting spirit in a adverse situation” says another director. In this bad face, Krishna Vamsi lost respect among big stars as well from smaller stars and more importantly, even lost connect with viewers too. Its time for other directors to open and set right their careers.